Volume 12 (2021)

Communication Today 1/2021

Communication Today Volume 12

Table of Contents

Theoretical studies:

Slavomír Gálik – Branislav Oprala: Temporal Changes under the Influence of Digital Media

Peter Getlík – Markéta Andričíková: Meta-Revision: The New Paradigm of Faustian Stories

Wiktor Widera: Attracting and Pre-Integrating Migrants Using Digital Media in the Local Labour Market

Research studies:

Lucia Spálová – Peter Mikuláš – Oľga Púchovská: Attitudes towards Different Influencer Categories – Exploration of Generation Z

Caroline S. L. Tan: “Do I Care that You Are Credible and We Are Similar?” Examining Credibility and Similarity as Experienced by Social Media Followers

Michal Lukáč – Václav Kupec – Přemysl Písař – Peter Štarchoň: The Interaction between the Marketing Communications Audit and Visitors in Museum Facilities

Presly Ogheneruke Obukoadata – Ngozi Eje Uduma – Oluchi Sussan Obukoadata: Consumers’ Inclusiveness and Migration: Evaluation of Selected Brands through the Brand Identity Prism

Nataliya Panasenko – Peter Krajčovič – Halyna Stashko: Hard News Revisited: A Case Study of Various Approaches to an Incident at a Primary School as Reflected in the Media

Nadezhda Radina – Sofya Bobkova: International Obligations on Atmosphere and Climate Protection in Media Discourse: Propaganda Models of Russian and US Media

Tamás Darázs – Jarmila Šalgovičová: Impact of the Corona Crisis on Marketing Communication Focused on Tourism

Ladislava Knihová: The Role of Educational Content in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Reviews & Today

Communication Today 2/2021

Table of Contents

Theoretical studies:

Hana Pravdová – Zora Hudíková: Correlations of Culture, Game Principles and Media Productions

Anna Sámelová: The Paradigmatic Change in the Media-Mediated Communication after the Onset of Online Media Technologies

Marek Švec – Adam Madleňák – Zuzana Bezáková – Jan Horecký: Possibilities and Limitations of Communication of Special Purpose Civic Associations – The Case of Internal Communication of a Trade Union Active in a Company Influenced by the Groundswell Concept

Tatyana Leontyeva: Daydreaming of Internet Users about Someone Else’s Love Relationship as a Virtual vs Real Hybrid

Evgeny Kozhemyakin: Mediatised Home: Using Semiotic Repertoires in Online Workplace Communications

Research studies:

Anda Rožukalne – Sandra Murinska – Alise Tifentale: Is Covid-19 an “Ordinary Flu” That Benefits Politicians? Perception of Pandemic Disinformation in Latvia

Michal Kubovics – Anna Zaušková – Simona Ščepková: Perception of Data from the Ecological Activities of Companies Using Innovative Communication Tools

Michaela Jánská – Marta Žambochová: Factors Influencing B2B Businesses’ Communication on Social Media

Diana Dávila-Ruiz – Erik Ernesto Vazquez: Examining Effects of Photography in Social Media and the Mediation Role of Perceived Authenticity

Martina Juříková – Josef Kocourek – Lenka Ližbetinová: Building the Prestige of a University as a Tool to Achieve Competitiveness

Yuliia Liubchenko – Pavlo Miroshnychenko – Katerina Sirinyok-Dolgaryova – Olena Tupakhina: Political Communication in the Post-Truth Era: Mind Mapping Values of Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky

Olena Morozova – Olena Pankevych: Regaining Control over Nature or Learning to Live in Harmony with It: Media Framing of Environmental Issues Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic


Jozef Sedlák – Petra Cepková: Silent Absolutions

Reviews & Today