Volume 11 (2020)

Communication Today 1/2020

Table of Contents

Theoretical studies:

Jana Radošinská – Zuzana Kvetanová – Ján Višňovský: To Thrive Means to Entertain: The Nature of Today’s Media Industries

Sylwia Mrozowska – Anna Ryłko-Kurpiewska: Polish Media about Act 2.0 (The Constitution for Science)

Research studies:

Václav Moravec – Veronika Macková – Jakub Sido – Kamil Ekštein: The Robotic Reporter in The Czech News Agency: Automated Journalism and Augmentation in the Newsroom

Amparo López-Meri – Laura Alonso-Muñoz – Andreu Casero-Ripollés: Strategies in Journalistic Branding on Social Media: The Influence of Public and Business Dimensions According to Future Journalists’ Perceptions

Ludvík Eger – Dana Egerová – Michal Mičík – Erika Varga –Csilla Czeglédi – Lukasz Tomczyk – Michaela Sládkayová: Trust Building and Fake News on Social Media from the Perspective of University Students from Four Visegrad Countries

Zora Hudíková – Hana Pravdová – Alexandra Gažicová: The Pragmatism of Hybridisation Logic of Television News in Slovakia

Beatriz Feijoo Fernández – Aurora García González: Online Shopping Routines among Chilean Children: Level of Expansion and Main Causes

Norbert Vrabec – Ľubica Bôtošová: The Concept of Learning-by-Doing in the Context of Media Education and School Quality Assessment

Marek Petriľák – Erik Janšto – Elena Horská: Communication of Local Farmers’ Products through Facebook: The Case Study of Naše-Vaše

Ivana Butoracová Šindleryová – Kristína Hoghová: Brand Marketing of Regional Products – A Potential Strategic Management Tool in Regional Development

Khaled Zamoum: The Use of Social Marketing Campaigns in Raising Awareness of Thalassemia in the UAE

Reviews & Today

Communication Today 2/2020

Table of Contents

Theoretical studies:

Mark Deuze: The Role of Media and Mass Communication Theory in the Global Pandemic

Ondřej Roubal – Jitka Cirklová: Crisis of Masculinity, Erotic Capital and Male Grooming in the Sociology of Marketing Communications

Sami Çöteli: The Concept of Social (In)Justice and Its Portrayals in Todd Phillips’s Joker

Research studies:

Kodwo Jonas Anson Boateng – Epp Lauk: Multiskilled in Many Ways: Ghanaian Female Journalists between Job and Home

Hana Macháčková – Michał Tkaczyk: The Effect of Media and Political Beliefs and Attitudes on Trust in Political Institutions: A Multilevel Analysis on Data from 21 European Countries

Ľuboš Greguš – Anna Kačincová Predmerská: The Foreign News and Media Image of the European Union in Current Television News Production

Michał Głowacki: Pasts, Presents and Futures of Public Service Media: The Challenges of Adaptation and Change in the Age of Data

Tatyana Vorobyeva – Konstantinos Mouratidis – Fotios-Nikolaos Diamantopoulos – Panagiotis Giannopoulos – KaterinaTavlaridou – Christos Timamopoulos – Vassilios Peristeras – Ioannis Magnisalis – Syed Iftikhar H. Shah: A Fake News Classification Framework: Application on Immigration Cases

Zdenko Mago: Fake-Vertising and Mobile Games: Case Study of ‘Pull the Pin’ Ads

Mária Holotová – Zdenka Kádeková – Ingrida Košičiarová: Retro Marketing – A Power of Nostalgia Which Works Among the Audience

Derek Anderson: U.S. High School Students’ Social Media Use and Their Political Socialization

Reviews & Today