The Paradigmatic Change in the Media-Mediated Communication after the Onset of Online Media Technologies

The study provides an overview of the basic characteristics of media-mediated communication in three historical stages – the printing age, the broadcasting age, and the current online media technology age. The rupture (discontinuity) between offline and online media-mediated communication established qualitatively new entities and relationships in society in which a wide variety of technologies are in common use – in the field of subject and its normative regulation as well as in the field of cognitive habits and skills of the individual and society as a whole. The consequences are evident in both the technological (cognitive) and technical (habitual) processes of human action, and they can be observed and examined in the field of ontology as well as epistemology and axiology. Thus, the aim of the study is to describe this peculiar environment following media logic in the development of media technologies.

emotionality, instrumental rationality, media-mediated communication, media technology, offline media, online media, paradigmatic change