Perception of Data from the Ecological Activities of Companies Using Innovative Communication Tools

By increasing the diversity of data from the evolving rebirth of societies to become greener, a need to simplify perception has been created, especially in the area of interactive data visualisation, which helps the user with data interpretation. Therefore, it is important to clarify the main factors of perception and predisposition to effective and clear perception of data. The interconnection of data visualisation, environmental activities and communication tools reinforces the fact that the groundswell is a leading innovative element that needs to be taken into account for the complexity of research. The authors analyse the research of domestic and foreign experts so far, summarise the findings as an ideal basis for their subsequent research and supplementation of expertise across the spectrum in the field of data perception, environmental activities of companies and largely innovative communication tools. They also deal with previous research in the field of effective data perception, environmental activities of companies and the resulting data packages. The study uses balanced methods of qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative methods are in the form of analysis of the content of previously collected texts and documents, which is unstructured and has an emergent relationship between theory and research. It is also a well-established semantic analysis of conceptual expressions. Within the quantitative methods, representation is in the form of evaluation of the authors’ own survey carried out in Slovak business entities. The dependence between the variables is tested using Cramer’s V. The main goal of the study is to present a proposal for a methodology for displaying data from the environmental activities of businesses using innovative communication tools. Extensive research in the field of data visualisation and findings are formulated into conclusions in order to achieve a professional discussion on the issue. The added value of a scientific study is mainly in the clarification of specific and measurable data resulting in an effective display within the visualisation.

business environment, data, data visualisation, ecological activities, innovative communication tools