Volume 14 (2023)

Communication Today 1/2023

Table of Contents

Theoretical studies:

Jana Radošinská – Lenka Rusňáková – Zuzana Točená – Martin Schwarz: The Blockbuster Biopic Bohemian Rhapsody as an Expression of Cinema/Music Synergy

Dinko Jukić: Beyond Brand Image: A Neuromarketing Perspective

Yuliia Skrynnik: Media as a Construct of the Modern Discursive Personality: Methodology of the Values-Based Approach

Research studies:

Inés Leal-Rico – Natalia Papí-Gálvez – Cande Sánchez-Olmos: What Is Subvertising? A Proposal of Delimitation and Definition

Ľubica Gajanová – Margaréta Nadányiová – Jana Majerová – Boris Kollár – Anna Pražáková: Is Gen Z So Different? An Analysis of the Impact of Comparative Advertising

Marianna Marko – Alena Kusá: Greenwashing and the Nature of Education in Relation to Consumer Trust in Fast Fashion Marketing Communication

Eva Breva-Franch – Fernando Olivares-Delgado – M. Teresa Benlloch-Osuna: Sustainable Outdoor Advertising: A Professional Point of View from Spain

Kristína Korená – Petra Pártlová: Social Media as a Tool of Building Reputation and Identity of National Parks

Paulo Duarte Silveira – Cristina Marreiros: The Influence of Advertising at the Point-of-Purchase on Shoppers and Brands: An Empirical Study in Convenience Stores

Matěj Skalický: Motivations behind the Production of News Podcasts in Established Czech Media

Anna Paulína Jelínková – Andrej Trnka: Impact of COVID-19 on Communication Patterns of Czech and Slovak Cosplayers

Hasan Gürkan – Maria Carmen Echazarreta-Soler: The Changing Stereotypes in Popular Films STEM Themed: On Breaking the Traditional Rigid Values and the Popularisation of Science

Reviews & Today