Connection Of Chosen Economical Indicators With Development Of Medial Expenses In Non Specified Retail Segment

The article analyzes corelation of chosen indicators of economical development SR and points at direct infl uence in development of volume medial expenses in non specialized retail segment in conditions of SR. The article is also about development of particular economical indicators, medial expenses of chosen investors group in 2006 to 2011 and their inner structure. The aim of article is to point at how volume of top-heaviness fi nance resources in media relies on actual cyclical progress of economical indicators from the view of the four biggest investors in non specialized retail segment in Slovakia. The result of this article explicitly confi rms the presumption of corelation between chosen macroeconomic indicators and volume media expenses of select group of advertisers in non specialized retail segment and also the rule that the effi ciency of the national economy infl uences the effi ciency of individual businesses and their own communication activities with the target market.