Volume 15 (2024)

Communication Today 1/2024

Table of Contents

Theoretical studies:

The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Catalyst for Increased Consumption in Television and Social Media Usage in Romania, Antonio Momoc

The Influence of News Agencies on Print and Online Publications/Newspapers, Saule Kultayeva – Rimma Zhaxylykbayeva – Gulnar Uzbekova – Aliya Beldibekova – Galiya Maikotova

Research studies:

Evolution of Commercials Featuring Para Athletes: From Friend Next Door to Equal Sports Stars, Veronika Macková – Kateřina Turková – Alice Němcová Tejkalová

The Impact of Brand-Voice Integration and Artificial Intelligence on Social Media Marketing, Peter Murár – Michal Kubovics – Vladimíra Jurišová

Codes of Ethics as a Marketing Communication Tool: The Impact of Codes of Ethics on the Behaviour and Appearance of Employees, Jana Kozáková – Radovan Savov – Tamás Darázs

Significant Communication Factors for Sustainable Products with a Focus on Czech Consumers, Eva Jaderná – Alena Srbová

Beyond Data: Strategically Leveraging Consumer Metrics and Market Signals of Business Prosperity in the Context of Marketing Communications, Tomáš Fašiang – Pavel Gežík

Virtual Voices for Sustainable Values: Exploring Content Themes and Advocacy Strategies in the Sustainability Promotion of Virtual Influencers, Hoai Lan Duong – Minh Tung Tran

Kyjev or Kyjiv? Use of Ukrainian City Names in Slovak Media as an Expression of Solidarity, Daniel Rabina

How Universities Communicate with the Public via Social Media: A Content Analysis, Ludvík Eger – Mikuláš Gangur

Beyond Borders: Unveiling the Media Representation of Zuzana Čaputová in Czech Online News, Martina Švecová

Potentials and Challenges of Digit(al)isation and Convergence of Television in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lamija Silajdžić

Reviews & Today