Use of Media to Raise Awareness of Eco-Innovations

The study deals with the use of media to raise awareness of eco-innovations. Its aim is to identify public interest in environmental issues and the extent of use of mobile geolocation-enabled applications. Building on these research areas, statistical dependence is explored, between age, interest in environmental issues, and the use of mobile applications. The text further examines and analyses what media are used by respondents when obtaining information on environmental issues, whether they have encountered promotions for eco-innovations in the media, and which media are considered by them to be the most suitable for sharing information on eco-innovations. Attention is also paid to the concept of SoLoMo as a current trend in marketing communication. From the theoretical point of view, the study provides an overview of current bases and definitions of eco-innovations, the influence of media and the selection of suitable media for communication from domestic and foreign scholarly sources.

eco-innovations, geolocation, marketing communication, media, SoLoMo