Komunikácia v spoločenskom kontexte – uznanie ako intersubjektívny predpoklad

A man lives in the world and the development of his personality is dependent on his environment. We are formed by individual cells of the society and the recognition is the way how they accept us, how we perceive ourselves. Our personalities, our identities are influenced by education offered to us by our environment which has been to some extend chosen by us, by educational system and legal environment. The others are significant to us – they influence the way we see the world and it is questionable how our own identities are influenced by us. We live in a world, which is dependent on a dialogue. Our perception of the world is not the only one and therefore we meet various perspectives how to look at different cultures and eventually on their rights, as well. In spite of us admitting individual differences, we accept antidiscrimination measures and laws that only get the bred in danger under protection but in no way do they create conditions for reasons why we should respect the others. In spite of us inspiring and enriching our perspectives, we only seek universal features which can eventually justify whatever of our interventions into cultures which we do not understand at all. A dialogue must be based on the recognition, including recognition of the rights.