Innovation in the Slovak Advertising Environment

The research study focuses on innovation in the Slovak advertising environment, whereby our primary objective is to present a portion of the results from the completed research and introduce proposed criteria for evaluating innovation in marketing communication and advertising. The first part of the text deals with formulating the problem while the second describes the applied research methodology. In the third chapter, the study presents partial results from the research, with special emphasis on four important elements: the manner in which innovation in marketing communication and advertising is defined, the perspective of the largest Slovak advertising clients with respect to the importance of innovation, the relationship between innovation and effectiveness and determining parameters for evaluating advertising campaigns, from the perspective of advertising agencies and advertising clients. The fourth chapter provides proposals for implementing this knowledge. The recommendations are formulated in accordance with criteria that may be used to evaluate innovation in the advertising business. The study also provides new knowledge related to connecting innovation to marketing communication. As indicated in the first part of the study, this topic has not yet been scientifically examined in the Slovak Republic and as such, the text contributes to expansion of existing theoretical and practical knowledge on the given issues.

innovation, evaluating innovation, Slovak advertising environment, advertising agency, advertising campaign, advertising clients