Composition and Perception of Background Music in Selected Hospitality Facilities in the Czech Republic

The aim of this research study is to analyse the state of background music played in facilities of the hospitality industry in the Czech Republic in relation to how customers perceive said music. The study draws from a part of the findings of a quantitative survey focused on the analysis of music currently used in commercial spaces. The survey, which took place in 2019, consisted of respondents’ in-person visits and led to the production of a total of 6,909 reports, of which 1,190 (21%) came from facilities in the hospitality industry. The results have been analysed using methods of descriptive and inferential statistics, such as the ANOVA test, Tukey’s HSD test, chi-squared test, and Pearson correlation. While the results confirm that the use of background music in the form of popular song mixes played from the radio or other sources is prevalent, they also show that this option is rated the least positively by the respondents.

hospitality industry, marketing, music in marketing, perception of music