Podpora inovácií v sektore vzdelávania v nadväznosti na implementáciu nástrojov komunikačnej politiky v závislosti od cielovej skupiny

Education system of the Slovak Republic does not refer to social needs and it cannot be seen as appropriate to the labour market needs. It is not possible to create an effective cooperation of all mentioned areas if not changing the system from its substance – at the level of grammar and high schools – within various financial support sources. When analyzing education institutions communication policy we have come to a proposal of optimum communication model, mentioning PR as its dominant factor within both the public and private education sphere as a target group. This model is able to provide the acceptation of the offered education services within the target groups reflecting the need of education growth of the region. Within the research we present a complete analysis of education needs in relation to the regional competitiveness growth and regional disparities elimination. We analyze innovation support within education sector and its benefit to education growth of Presov region as a selected developing region.