Motives for the Use of Twitter by Arab Youth

The study aims to identify the reasons why the Arab youth prefer to use Twitter and whether their age, gender, educational level and country of origin play a crucial role in their use of Twitter. In order to answer the aforementioned questions, a descriptive survey method was conducted using a digital survey, which was distributed via Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. The study presents a number of outcomes regarding the preferences of Twitter usage by Arab youth; the analysis and discussion related to the first research question shows that Arab youth prefer Twitter because it is easy to use and gives them more room to explain their opinions and thoughts freely. Regarding the variety of Twitter usage among the research sample, the analysis and discussion associated with the second research question claims that there are statistically significant differences in the usage of Twitter amongst the Arab youth that can be attributed to age, gender, educational level and their home country.

Arab youth, the Internet, media preferences and usage motives, online social media, Twitter