Mediality And Philosophy

Philosophy of mediality is in effect an attempt to link the gaps between that what comes out of the process of thinking as the thought-content, without considering only the predicates and descriptions of subjects of thinking. It is only by means of mediality that the missing links between the progression of thinking (Denken) and the thought-content (das Gedachte) remain almost invisible and, in fact, there is no possibility to make the function of mediality more transparent. The situation reveres to two approaches: we have to make distinction between thinking and the thought-content, from the point which enables us to see parallel processes: on the one hand, there is the movement which enables the process of thinking of something, based on „self-limitation“ of thinking through “ of thinking through terms, modes, forms, etc., and on the other hand, there is the movement that refers to the way how and through which different thought contents of the thought-content come into thinking.