A Miracle of Nowadays Affecting Consumers’ Behaviour: The Outstanding Influence of Social Media

The submitted study points to social media and their outstanding position in marketing communication aiming at their impact on consumers’ behaviour. Attention was paid to how individual generations are affected by social media contributions and whether these influencers affect their shopping behaviour. Indeed, social networking sites are a miracle in marketing communication nowadays. Their potential to influence consumers’ behaviour is enormous. Today, almost every business has a profile created on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Businesses can use elements of influencer marketing within social networking, which is considered a modern phenomenon. Although influencer marketing is a relatively new element, it has quickly come to the forefront. It is widely used because it is effective, and the company can build a relationship with potential customers on social media. The present text evaluates the use of social networking sites in marketing communication by companies and their impact on consumers’ behaviour based on a questionnaire survey involving 726 respondents from Generations X, Y and Z. To evaluate the established hypotheses, statistical methods and techniques such as the Chi-square test, Kruskal-Wallis test, Share test with known constant and two-share match test were used. The research results confirmed the significant differences in consumers’ perceptions of corporate social media.

consumers’ behaviour, influencer marketing, marketing communication, social media, social media marketing